What time should I be at the pickup location?
To ensure an on-time departure, you should check your ticket for the departure time and plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early before departure.

How will the boarding process work?
Passengers who pre-purchased tickets online will be given priority boarding over cash paying passengers. Once online ticketed passengers are loaded, cash walk up customers may purchase a ticket and board the bus. Buses will begin departing as soon as they fill up.

What can I bring on the bus?
Passengers may bring the personal items they intend to carry into the game. Please, no onboard consumption of food or drinks and definitely no alcohol.

How long will it take to get to the stadium?
It depends upon your pickup location and traffic conditions. Our goal is to arrive at the assigned parking spaces in Santa Clara approximately two hours before kickoff.

Are restrooms provided on the bus?

Are there any stops on the way?
Most routes consist of 3 pickup locations, however if there is a low turnout for one location, we may route to pick up at another location on the way to and from the game.

Where does the bus drop us off at?
All charter buses will drop riders at Green Lot 1 at GREAT AMERICA.


Can I leave any items on the bus during the event?
Passengers may not be on the same bus on the return trip, please do not leave any items on the bus during the event.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
Email your questions to tickets@sportsfanexpress.com or call us toll free at 855-GO-FANBUS. On game day, contact our dispatch at 800-781-4699 and press 5.

Are these tickets refundable?
Tickets are not refundable and credit will not be issued for unused portions of the trip.

What if I need wheelchair assistance?
Contact SportsFanExpress at 855-GO-FANBUS prior to the event to arrange for wheelchair accommodation.

Can my child go by themselves?
No child under 16 will be allowed to travel without a guardian over the age of 18.

Are there Senior or Child discounts?
There is only one ticket price per seat that applies for all ages.

Can I just put my small child on my lap?
Children under 2 years of age may accompany their caregiver free of charge but must sit on their caregiver’s lap.

Can we pay cash at the pick up location?
Tickets for SportsFanExpress are available for purchase in advance through the ticketing website and cash purchases will be allowed at the pick up location for a higher fee.

What if I miss the bus?
Each departing and returning route has only one departure time so it is important that you do not miss the bus. If you do miss the bus you will be responsible for your own transportation back to the pickup location.

What time do the buses leave the stadium?
Buses begin boarding as soon as the game ends. The final buses will depart approximately 45 minutes after the end of the game.

How will I know which bus to take back to my pickup location?
When you arrive at the bus, you will receive a color-coded re-boarding ticket. A color-coded flag will identify your bus for your return. For example, if your destination is designated as the RED stop, you will receive a RED re-boarding ticket. After the game, all the buses will be parked in the location where you were dropped off. Color coded flags will identify the appropriate bus for your return trip. For routes with more than one bus assigned, a flag will be placed next to the bus closest to the exit and that bus will board first, making stops at all locations for that route on the way home.